Doctors make miracles happen every day. It really is quite amazing what doctors can accomplish when it comes to turning our health around for the better.

When 33-year-old Priscilla Morse was scrolling through Facebook one day, she came across a photo of a little boy who was in need of major medical attention and a loving family that could provide for him. Little Ryan lived in a Bulgarian orphanage. He was seven-years-old and weighed only eight pounds, not much bigger than he was when he was born.

Morse instantly felt compelled to take the boy in and give him the nurturing and love that he needed and deserved. He had been so malnourished that it was surprising that he was still alive.

“I begged my husband if we could adopt him for months. I just had to look after him,” said Morse.

The Morse family finally brought Ryan home in October 2015. As soon as they landed from picking him up in Bulgaria, they headed straight to the hospital to get Ryan examined.

“We went straight to Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital. We didn’t even go home to see our kids,” said Morse.

Since Ryan had been malnourished for so long, the doctors had to work hard to retrain his body to accept food once again. While it was a slow process, Ryan eventually started to gain weight.

Morse is incredibly proud of Ryan’s progress, and while it will take him several years to fully recovery from the mistreatment his body suffered, he has made major steps when it comes to bonding with his siblings. In addition to other siblings, he has a seven-year-old sister who was adopted from Russia and who has Down syndrome.

“He’s the happiest kid I’ve ever seen. He wakes up happy and goes to bed happy,” said Morse. “Our other kids love him. He’s the baby of the family.”

Morse shares Ryan’s progress on social media and includes photos from when he was first brought home, showing how far he has come. She admits that while the little boy was incredibly unhealthy when she first met him, he showed obvious signs of the the love he felt when she held him.

In one photo of her holding him, she wrote…

“One year ago today, this litt7-year-old boy who weighed only 8 pounds at the time still could find nothing but love in his heart as he knew he was being held, finally, by his momma!!! Happy Gotcha day anniversary Ryan!!!”

It’s obvious that the Morse family is filled with love and they have shown Ryan a happy and healthy home. They have done everything to get the boy back to health and he appears to be extremely happy in the photos that they share. Thanks to the Morse family, Ryan has a chance at life. And in some of the photos, he is not only growing but his family members joke about how he is now actually fat, which is something that is meant in the best possible way because it shows that Ryan is thriving.